We provide wide range of marine and oil and gas support services all tailored towards the needs of our customers: our range of services includes, but not limited to the following:

Clearing & Freight Forwarding

Stainless Marine SERVICES Ltd is your dependable firm, securing relevant arrangements in shipping your goods. We are dedicated to secure your permits from regulatory bodies and authorities to ensure a seamless import and export (of both wet and dry cargoes). We offer these services with the best affordable charges you could imagine and deliver amicably.

We have a group of experts that are well versed in shipments and customs procedures, charges payable to authorities, how to obtain marine insurance policies and as well, guide our client in line with International Commercial Terms (INCOTERMS).

These services we render enhances the smooth running of our operations to clients.

Ship To Ship Transfer

We are in possession of certified STS equipment (fenders, hoses, tugboats and barges) which are to be present on vessels during cargo operations and are in excellent condition after taking required permission from the relevant authorities. We hire the best mooring master that coordinates these exercises.

The mastery of proper communication channels, which are in line with global best practices that we have dedicated time to research and combine with safety precautions, has acclimated us to quick responses in cases of emergency. We also update our clients promptly as events unfold during cargo operations.


Offshore Security

The volatility of Nigerian waters has on many occasions exposed ships, boats, offshore platforms and her owners to security risks and loopholes in the industry. This has made us carefully assemble a highly dedicated team who have background in national security at both senior and junior levels of competency.

Our cordial relationship with the officers of the Nigerian Navy and the Marine Police Department has afforded us a cutting-edge advantage in securing our clients during operations.

We have, in turn, designed effective security concepts that include provision of safe anchorage around authorized places within the channel: port facilities and ship security surveys, audits and assessments, community security surveillance for high value facilities, safe and secure transportation of supplies and crew to offshore platforms. These allocations are also part of the services we render.

Bunker Fuel Supply

We at Stainless Marine Services understand the challenges clients face during bunkering operations such as contaminated products and under-supplied quantity, and we get immense satisfaction when our services to you help overcome those challenges. This is why we supply a broad range of fuel and lubricants to ships and to ship operators. We also provide special testing and advice to inspire confidence in the quality and quantity of bunker fuel delivered to you.

A growing number of clients trust our service capability products and we make sure not to renegade on the quality of services to you or compromise in our commitment to serving you.

Training & Consultation

Stainless Marine Services Ltd is committed to imparting knowledge to stakeholders in the maritime sector, and we have dedicated training packages to enlighten stakeholders about training methods and ethics that are in line with global best practices as put forward by the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code, the International Labour Organization and the International Maritime Organization.

These packages are available to private and public shipping organizations and are designed to prepare stakeholders to work in line with the codes of conduct that are structured to make the maritime industry safe for all stakeholders.

Other services we offer include Logistics, Haulage, Oil trading and Manning Crewing services.

Ship Protective Agent

Stainless Marine Services Ltd offers protective agency for both ship owners and cargo owners to supervise the contracting party throughout the port call. This is in line with our core values and mission statement which is to safeguard our clients’ interest as Owners Protective Agents (OPA) or Charterers/Cargo-owner Protective Agents (CPA), towards avoiding conflicts that may arise during operations.

We give the best of guidance and advice prior, during and until the completion of the entire process.

As your protective agent, we maintain an open line of communication to the party we represent and welcome feedback from the party we render our services. We understand that time is money for ship owners and charterers alike, so we ensure all shipping activities are covered to save our clients idle time and demurrage.

Marine Equipment Supplies

We provide durable and economical marine supplies designed to provide safety and reliability for marine operators. The equipment are made in accordance with 21st Century technology and standards. We assure prospective clients of the availability of this service.

The equipment are available at affordable prices and are delivered timely from any part of the world. We deal directly with genuine producers and vendors who are certified by relevant international bodies.


Other services we offer include Logistics, Haulage, Oil trading and Manning Crewing services.

Our logistics Services coverage spans a wide berth of operations which inciude air, seo and land at very affordable rate and each clients request is tailored to meet their unique needs.

Our Haulage services work hand-in-hand with the logistics services we provide. We have also acquired equipment needed to ensure our haulage customers are satisfied.

Oil trading is a noble profession as old as oil itself was discovered, and we have through professional and legal expertise researched carefully the art of trading and assure our customers that we would give them the best values for their money.

Manning/Crewing Service, our aim is to put the appropriate seafarers in positions on board ships, oil rigs, platforms and other maritime facilities generally and specifically while we consider certification and quality of seafarers that meet international standards.